15 February 2017

Join us in the 2017 edition of #inLombardia365 as we explore the northern Italian region of Lombardy, sharing travel inspiration to help plan your next getaway!

This weekend we’ll be in Valtellina for some fun on the slopes, extraordinary views, and some much needed rest & relaxation! Follow the adventures with #inLombardia365, #inLombardia and #Valtellina on  Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook  and get organizing your very own holiday.




Discover the Itinerary

Sunday, February 19th
• Depart from Milan at 12:30, arrival in Bormio
• Relax at the spa – Bagni Nuovi or Bagni Vecchi in Bormio
• Dinner and back to the hotel

Monday, February 20th
• Depart from Bormio, arrival in Valmalenco and Snow Eagle cable car ride
• Lake Palù, guided visit
• Lunch in a lodge
• Free time
• Dinner and back to hotel in Valmalenco

Tuesday, February 21st
• Transfer to Madesimo
• Snowmobile in Madesimo
• Lunch in lodge in Madesimo and return to Milan


Pizzoccheri from Trento Italy


Pizzoccheri, a local pasta dish made with buckwheat flour, potatoes, cabbage, and cheese, are a symbol of the rich culinary tradition here in Valtellina. It’s definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an Italian pasta, but this hearty dish is sure to satisfy your taste buds after hiking through the mountains or just taking it easy at the spa. The key ingredient, buckwheat flour, gives the pasta an entirely different flavor and has been used in Valtellina since the 14th century. So it’s no surprise that the locals take this specialty seriously… With the traditional recipe from the Pizzocchero Academy, directly from Teglio, the town where it was created, try your hand at this famous dish before coming to taste the real deal.



Fat Bike

Born in Alaska in the 90’s, fat bikes are bicycles with wide (fat) wheels that are perfect for exploring the alpine landscapes. As a natural evolution of the mountain bike, the wheels are wider than 3.7 inches with a diameter 44 mm larger than traditional bicycles. The advantage here is with control over difficult terrain and trails, meaning even kids and inexperienced bikers can enjoy the more rugged trails. Be sure to check out this sport and the locations where you can rent equipment in Livigno, Santa Caterina, Bormio, Valdidentro, Aprica, Valchiavenna, Madesimo, and Campodolcino!


Winter Sports

Exploring the landscapes of Valtellina means taking in the great outdoors and trying new experiences. With the lure of fantastic natural panoramas, it’s hard to say no to snowshoeing or a bit of cross-country skiing through one of the many parks or nature reserves. While the classics like skiing and snowboarding are always fun, here in Valtellina you can try something new with snowkiting or even a biathlon. With countless opportunities to the hit the slopes, you’ll find modern ski areas with professional instructors and rental facilities to enjoy your winter getaway. Be sure to check out the slopes from Livigno to Madesimo, Bormio, and Santa Caterina before swinging by Aprica, Teglio, and Valmalenco. In Stelvio you can find the Pirovano Ski and Snowboard University, which has been around for more than 50 years. While 2016 didn’t provide much the mountains with much snow, a fresh powdering in the first week of February has brought life back to the 2017 season.


Culinary Delights

With a rich culinary tradition and heritage, the typical dishes found in Valtellina come from the fresh ingredients cultivated in the alpine territories. Cheeses like the Bitto DOP and Casera DOP together with buckwheat flour are used often and are served at the table in most all restaurants. A few of the must try local recipes include pizzoccheri, polenta taragna, and sciatt or taroz. Wherever you find yourself in the area, it’s hard to resist the temptation of the Bresaola IGP or the typical sweet, Bisciola. From restaurants to agritourisms, there are plenty of locations to try all of these delicacies and with four Michelin-starred restaurants, Valtellina is the perfect stop for any foodie.


Sleddog Riding

Driving a sled behind a crew of trained huskies is truly an incredible experience. Here in Alta Valtellina, Arnoga to be exact, you can hop on board for a one of a kind adventure after a quick lesson by instructors. Kids are more than welcome to come along for the ride and experience what it’s like to be a real “musher” safely through the woods and snow! After opening in 2002, the Centro Italiano Sleddog HUSKY VILLAGE features km’s of trails to be experienced by beginners while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. It’s no surprise that Arnoga is also a stop on the Alpirod, one of the most famous sleddog races in Italy!


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