Valtellina, What to Pack

Valtellina, What to Pack

21 March 2016

Now that we’ve discovered this paradise on Earth, you can get started planning your own vacation to Valtellina!


What should you pack for a “tour” in Valtellina just before spring?

Like all packing lists, deciding what to bring is very personal. Everyone has their own special items and you always have to keep an eye on the weather without trusting the forecast too much! The weather in the mountains can change quickly, and in some places like Valtellina, you can catch several seasons in a day!


To start, you need to figure out if you’re a hot or cold kind of person. Also keep in mind if you’ll be doing sportive activities or if you’ll just be enjoying happy hour at the spa.


The right answer is always to dress in layers. Don’t just bring that super heavy jacket, but rather a sweater, a vest, and a jacket to repel the snow.


Furthermore, there are a few must-have items.

A windbreaker will protect you while allowing you to breathe… Trust me, sweat that freezes will make you uncomfortable at best!


Gloves and socks are also incredible helpul and will protect your extremities while in the cold. If you want to invest a bit more money, this is the place to splurge! Same thing goes when we talk about a hat or beanie, which will keep your head and ears nice and warm! Finish it off with a scarf or a neckwarmer (even better) to stay toasty in the fresh powder.



Important: never forget sunscreen, lotion, and sunglasses. If the sun’s out, the reflection will be strong and you’re going to want these items!



If you’re thinking about heading out for some snowshoeing or any kind of hiking, you will definitely want gaiters and pant covers. This will keep the snow out and you happy.



Once you’re protected, any layers you put on top deal more with preference and whether you get cold easily or not. Remember to include materials that will allow your body to breathe!



Last but not least, you need to bring your sense of adventure! If you’d like, you can also bring a camera to document it all. Even a smartphone will do, and will keep you in touch with the outside world. The only thing left is to enjoy yourself!


Orazio Spoto

The Smart Traveler