Valtellina Honey

Valtellina Honey

22 July 2016

Honey is one of the most flavorful and best known typical Valtellina products. In this area they produce top quality honey appreciated both by connoisseurs and by simple lovers of the product, which brings together nature, mountains and passion in a single jar. Moreover, each type of honey is produced in accordance with a coupling of ancient rules and modern techniques. The hives must be positioned far away from pollution because the purity of mountain air is what gives the product its high quality.

Apiculture in the province of Sondrio is characterised by the almost exclusive presence of small or tiny beekeeping farms that have grown out of their owners’ passion for the fascinating world of bees.

The valley offers a product that combines the full-bodied aspect of bottom valley honeys with the more rarefied taste of the high mountain ones. Honey is in fact a unique and unrepeatable product, and within the same production we can find as many subtleties as there are flowers in the multicoloured meadows of Valtellina.

More or less consistent is a vein of linden honeys that give the product its special balsamic note. Above one thousand metres, throughout the Province they produce an excellent honey with the intense perfume of upper mountain flowers. Over and above the genuineness of the honey produced in the area, we must spread awareness of the varieties, with their thousand gradations, flavours and different perfumes which often remain unknown to many consumers.

Honey is a basic ingredient in many tasty recipes that characterise Valtellina desserts. Appetising and highly nutritious, they are perfect for sportspeople due to an easily transportable format such as the cupeta, a typical dessert based on wafers, honey and walnuts. Honey is also an excellent accompaniment in the tasting of prestigious alpine pasture cheeses, perhaps together with a local jam that exalts the flavours of mountain herbs. Honey also goes perfectly with the genuine taste of local yogurts, produced with top quality milk.

Valtellina honey, with its tastes, colours, odours and perfumes is not merely a product but a piece of Valtellina, of its history, gastronomy and culture, and it must be made known and appreciated throughout the territory for the benefit of all lovers of this delicious speciality.


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