Unforgettable Flavors of Valtellina

Unforgettable Flavors of Valtellina

20 July 2016

In Valtellina you eat well everywhere. The territory offers a wide range of wines, charcuterie and cold cuts, cheeses, apples and specialities. A symphony of flavours that will satisfy both the simplest and the most refined palate.

A trip to Valtellina is a journey in the name of taste and the flavour of tradition that resides in this land.

There will be splendid sunny days when you can walk the marvellous landscapes and pathways of Valtellina, taking refuge in one of the many summer pasturelands where you can sample typical cheeses. The most famous are Bitto Storico (Slow Food Presidium) and Casera, which is used as a condiment for pizzoccheri and other famous dishes. Here you will discover new emotions through unique flavours that never cease to please.

The many restaurants scattered about the Valley aim to positively exploit local products at zero kilometres, and they know how to welcome you with typical Valtellina genuineness.

In Valchiavenna you can eat in a typical Valtellina crotto, where you will sample local traditions in grottoes that were once used for preserving foodstuffs.

Characteristic of the valley are its numerous ancient, jealously guarded recipes, such as the pasta dish par excellence pizzoccheri, noted for quality and originality. A delight from the peasant tradition, it exists in no other place.

Accompanied by sciatt, buckwheat “puffs” filled with casera cheese and then fried, which win over everyone’s palate with their homely but exquisite taste.

And then polenta taragna, cooked with butter and cheese, violino di capra (a goat meat cold cut), rye bread, Prosto biscuits, bisciola, taroz, chisciöi… these are among the best known Valtellina recipes, and each one has a flavour difficult to forget.

From the lower to the upper valley these flavours are found with local variations, but one thing is certain: each dish will surprise with its excellence. The strong and singular Valtellina wines, grown on the famous terraced vineyards (no less than 2.500 kilometres of dry stone walls), exalt the tastes of the dishes.

The typical charcuterie and cold cuts such as slinzega and violino di capra are optimal as hors d’oeuvres or side dishes, with their decisive flavour that goes perfectly with the local rye bread.

Valtellina is a destination that contains within itself a thousand destinations, experiences, territories and the chance for everybody to satisfy their needs and passions, from those who want to savour a good wine to those who want a simple but tasty lunch. The millenary flavours of the valley will never disappear, thanks to every family’s commitment to handing down culinary traditions. These dishes are a must,to be tried at least once in a lifetime.


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