Typical Cuisine of Mantua

Typical Cuisine of Mantua

5 April 2016

Mantua…what a tasty place!!! Local produce and mouth-watering local delicatessen include pumpkin tortelli, risotto à-la pilota and menà, namely pike in a special sauce- the pillars of a sophisticated culinary tradition dating back to yesteryear. Simple and refined, it makes the most of local ingredients like herbs, onions, pears, and more.

Among the local gastronomy, pork is the undisputed king: farmed since ancient Etruscan times, it is the pivotal element in the local tradition, with thousands of different preparations – yet equally delicious – especially in the form of salami and salamèla! Next up, pumpkin, the basic ingredient to prepare the famous tortelli, and two famously-named cheeses: Grana Padano, made on the left bank of river Po, and Parmigiano Reggiano, which, in turn, is from the right bank. Mantua also boasts a top quality wine production, which you can discover during beautiful excursions on the over 300-km wine and food route network, where you will explore ancient cellars and enjoy a glass of merlot, pinot, cabernet sauvignon or lambrusco.
Savor these incredible products in the many restaurants in town, or visit the river landscape of the Riserva naturale di Rivalta. Last but not least, for a true food and wine experience based on fun and taste, the rice and risotto route is definitely worth trying; with its many festivals, its purpose is to promote a local rice called Vialone Nano: a particularly round variety farmed on the banks of the Mincio that will impress you with its versatility. In Mantua your taste buds will certainly be spoilt for choice!

For more info: www.turismo.mantova.it/index.php/temi/scheda/id/4 & www.in-lombardia.com

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