Top 10 Photos in Mantua

Top 10 Photos in Mantua

24 April 2016

We’re taking a look back at some of the best photos from our tour in Mantua! Let’s just say the photos speak for themselves…

12965198_601733506670160_322754534_n (1)

Street scenes from the first day. By @lancestein

12960157_1718576281748283_1235624691_n (1)

The extraordinary frescoes in the Camera degli Sposi. By @artpostblog


Downtown Mantua has its charm… By @carnetdescapade

lola food

A sampling of appetizers to hold us over before dinner! By @lolaakinmade


Andrea Mantegna’s house. Never forget to look up! By @celicelo

12912566_1002567069819700_1180163743_n (1)

Typical desserts of Mantua. You’re going to want seconds… By @kitchentrouble

12531041_1987663888124792_853635601_n (2)

Having fun at San Giorgio Castle. By @discret

12501639_1058577390848308_1460789_n (2)

Intimate scenes from Teatro Bibiena. By @dailybreakfast

12976542_1158207104241604_285244793_n (1)

Cheers to a great tasting on the Mincio River. By @agosaw

12960122_1043872882367034_35810605_n (1)

The gorgeous arcade in Sabbioneta on our last day! By @hal_ellis_davis

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