Thoughts on Rocca d’Anfo Part II

Thoughts on Rocca d’Anfo Part II

14 June 2016

Part II of our reviews from our special #inLombardia365 tour to Rocca d’Anfo!



A trip to Val Sabbia was like diving head first into nature and history. The Rocca d’Anfo was an interesting historical location and anyone who enjoys military history would be in love. The Val Sabbia is also a great place for those passionate about sport (particularly climbing and trekking) as there are plenty of locations to have fun outdoors.



Lombardy always surprises me, even after years of living here. After this visit to the Rocca d’Anfo and around Lake Idro in the Province of Brescia, I just keep falling in love with the region.

Although we started the day under the rain, we weren’t discouraged and started exploring the Rocca, a military complex nestled in the landscape overlooking the lake. Situated among the nature, we were able to see some of the 43 rooms that form the massive complex.

At lunch we found ourselves in front of the local baggòs cheese and a plate of pasta with perch and trout ragù. With that burst of energy, we headed to the Fucine Park to explore the gorgeous greenery where you can go ziplining or climbing! Finally, we finished the tour at the Caseificio Sociale Valsabbiano, where they showed us how the local cheese is made with milk collected from the valley.