Thoughts on Rocca d’Anfo Part I

Thoughts on Rocca d’Anfo Part I

13 June 2016

Part I of our reviews from our special #inLombardia365 tour to Rocca d’Anfo!


Marco Tamborrino

The Val Sabbia offers a lot of unique experiences – from the Rocca d’Anfo to the Fucine di Casto Park, the blue waters of Lake Idro, and the local food at the Caseificio Valsabbino. The landscapes surprised me and with centuries of history behind the Rocca, the military complex that was born out of the Venice Republic, I had a great time.

One Two Frida

My visit to the Val Sabbia was a nice surprise. I didn’t really know the area before and was blown away by the beautiful landscapes and heritage it holds. It’s perfect for anyone that loves the great outdoors, history, and good food. The Rocca d’Anfo, the Fucine Park, the Caseificio Sociale – the hospitality was phenomenal in all the places we stopped. This is definitely an area of Lombardy I’d like to visit again!