The Smugglers’ Trail

The Smugglers’ Trail

8 July 2016

This route follows some of the most fascinating testaments to the historical development of the territory throughout the ages.

Departing from Tirano – Piazzale della Stazione (Railway Station square) at 428 masl- follow Via Roma passing by the church of Sacro Cuore and its annexed oratory. Walk along Via Quadrio to Trombini Square, where you can see the monument dedicated to Emigrants from Valtellina and Valchiavenna all over the world. Then follow Via San Giuseppe until you see a fountain in the little Pievani square where there is the ancient church of San Giacomo, now the Civic Library entitled to Paolo and Paola Maria Arcari. Going upwards, past the Cantina Vinicola Plozza (wine-producing Plozza cellar), follow Via Masuccio, the last houses and the first vineyards up to the crossroads at 594 masl. The roadsigns continue on to the right, following the mule track towards Baruffini, among carefully cultivated vineyards. The view spreads over Tirano, the valley of the Adda River, and up to the terrace of Teglio as well as Valchiosa (full of apple orchard)s until the hamlet of Baruffini at 792 masl (fountain).

Following the roadsigns you will go through lots of little lanes running across this small hamlet until the north-west road that goes up passing by Piazzo (926 msl). Follow the driveway which enters Valposchiavo and enjoy the breathtaking views of the bottom of the valley up to Teglio. After a steep lift, you will reach the barracks – now abandoned and hit by landslides- previously belonging to the Guardia di Finanza at Sasso del Gallo (1,239 msl). Only a few meters and you will see the State border. If you’d like, you can continue on to Swiss territory – provided you have your identity papers with you- through Valposchiavo.

From the State border the roadsigns point to a panoramic flat trail going through some conifers, unfortunately burnt in a fire some years ago. At 1,232 msl you will reach Zocca. Then go along a paved street, turn left and take a dirt road until Prà Fontana (1,216 msl) a place rich in terraced lands now wild but previously cultivated with buck wheat . From Prà Fontana, follow the downhill road Baruffini-Pra Campo road. Walk along it for about 800 m until you take the first path on the left which goes down to Baruffini (792 m) through woods of chestnut trees. You can also follow the same trail you trekked on your way up, thus walking along the mule track and reaching Tirano fastly.

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