The Reggia di Monza

The Reggia di Monza

3 September 2016

A visit to the Reggia di Monza takes you into the Royal Villa, the Rose Garden, the Royal Gardens, and the incredible Monza Park. 


The Royal Villa dates back to 1777 and 1780 on the designs of architect Giuseppe Piermarini and was commissioned by the Archduke Ferdinand I, Governor General of Lombardy, thanks to the financing of his mother and Empress Maria Teresa. The U layout is typical of 18th century Lombard villas, featuring two flanking wings of the same length ending in lowered cubic avant-corps. On the left hand side we have the Court Chapel and the Equestrian building to the right.


The Royal Gardens span over 40 hectares, surrounding the buildings of the complex, featuring priceless landscapes, history, monuments, and architecture. Designed by Piermarini, the Gardens took form in 1778 and were the first in Italy to be established in the English style, with trees, lawns, caves, water features, and an artificial hill and a small doric temple in the middle of a lake. What has made the garden so famous throughout the world, is the variety of century-old trees: oaks, cypress, chestnuts, and cedars.


The Rose Garden, situated in the courtyard of the Villa, was created in 1944 by Niso Fumagalli, president of the Italian Rose Association. Both harmonious and functional, the land undulates lightly and the small lake and public paths make for a charming environment. During the blooming season, plenty of events and guided visits are organized.

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