The Rock Engraving Park in Grosio

The Rock Engraving Park in Grosio

10 July 2016

A journey across rock art, archaeology, castles and nature.

The visit of the Rock Engraving Park in Grosio gives you the opportunity to get to know the history of ancient Valtellina, plunging into a suggestive natural environment. It is a journey that goes back in time, beginning from the Bronze and Iron Ages, through more than 5,000 figures engraved on the Rupe Magna and the findings from the excavations on the hills of Grosio, now exhibited in the Antiquarium.

Then there are the ruins of the Old Castle, dating back to X- XI centuries, the Romanesque bell tower of the church annexed to the castle and two Longobard burial places engraved in the rock; you can admire the New Castle, built around 1350 by the Viscontis from Milan, which features a double circle of Medieval defensive walls.

The Antiquarium museum is located in the room adjoining the Information Office and the bookshop of the Park, on the ground floor of the building called Ca’ del Cap. In the museum there is a relevant selection of findings dating back to protohistoric settlements on the hills around the castle as well as findings from the restoration of the two castles and the Romanesque church.

Opening hours:

Rock Engraving Park: every day (subject to weather on the Rupe Magna)

Offices and Antiquarium:

Opening: 21st June to 7th September 2014 open daily 10:30am to 6:00 pm.

Guided tours: July and August, every day at 4:00pm.

Winter opening times from September 9th 2013 until mid-June 2014:

Saturday and Sunday 10.00-12.30 / 13.30-17.00

It is possible to book guided tours in other days and at specific times upon request.

Offices of the Park:

Ca’ del Cap- c/o Castelli Visconti Venosta

Via San Faustino – 23033 Grosio (SO)

Sede Legale: Villa Visconti Venosta,2 – 23033 Grosio (SO)

Tel.- Fax +39 0342 847233

Mobile: +39 346 333 1405 –