The Magical Malpaga Castle

The Magical Malpaga Castle

@ | 21 February 2016

While the instagramers were off exploring Valle Imagna, our bloggers were busy uncovering the secrets of Malpaga Castle. Touring the incredible structure in traditional costumes and preparing their own lunch to eat in the castle walls, they whipped up Casoncelli, a traditional pasta from the area was on the menu, with the help of some professional chefs! Keith Jenkins, blogger at Velvet Escape, shared his thoughts on the entire experience and tells us about his must-visit places in Bergamo.

“It was my first time in Bergamo and I fell in love with this city in an instant! I especially enjoyed strolling around the atmospheric streets of the Upper Town, visiting the breathtaking Basilica and gaping at the stunning views from the Bell Tower.

I also discovered little gems outside the city such as the Castello di Malpaga where I participated in a cooking course and toured the castle in a medieval costume! My enthusiasm for Bergamo seems to have rubbed off on my readers: one of them commented, ‘…such beautiful photos! Bergamo will be added to my must-visit places. I totally agree!’”

The team obviously enjoyed their time and if you are interested in experiencing what they did, you can find more information on our website at: