The Flavors of Valsabbia

The Flavors of Valsabbia

12 June 2016

In addition to walks, stunning views and art, Valle Sabbia also offers its guests excellent local food. The numerous local products tell the story of ancient traditions related to the rural world. Artisan specialities made by those who chose the difficult task of handcrafted production and in some cases organic production within the challenging mountain setting.


There are many cheese producers in Valle Sabbia that follow ancient dairy techniques. Artisans show real passion in their production of excellent cheeses made from raw milk. For most of the year the cattle feed on grass from the pastures and hay obtained from mowed meadow grass. Undoubtedly, the most famous of the local cheeses is Bagòss, the much sought after and renowned cheese from Bagolino, famous throughout the world and recognised for its exceptional quality. This cheese is the result of an ancient technique that enhances the flavour of mountain milk, Bagòss has a unique and consistent texture and markedly yellow colour. A visit to Bagolino is the perfect opportunityto buyand taste this cheese in the local restaurants. However, do not forget the cheeses from the middle valley; lesser known but equally tasty and authentic. The cow’s milk cheeses, goat’s cheese and ‘robiola’ cheese made from a combination of goat and cow’s milk are also delicious.


Salami and other cured meats are also a Valle Sabbia speciality: a local delicacy is ‘dos’, which is made from meat previously soaked in brine with spices, wine, salt and a pinch of chilli for a week. The ‘dos’ is then removed from the brine, rubbed, salted and matured for 3 months. Once ready, it guarantees greedy moments.

Mushrooms and Truffles

The growth of mushrooms in Valle Sabbia is favoured by various factors such as the temperate cool climate, the lime content of the soil and the extensive wooded areas. A very special feature of the area is the presence of truffles: the ‘Magnum Pico’ and the prized ‘Alba’ truffle which find the ideal conditions to grow in this territory. The ‘Tuber Tuber melasporum’ is also exquisite; the black truffle that grows in porous, well fissured, carbon-rich soil.


The delicious Pertica jams are created from fruit grown at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. The fruit is picked at the point of perfect ripeness and is transformed immediately in the craft workshops, with the addition of small quantities of organic cane sugar, organic honey or agave syrup. Everything is made without the use of preservatives, colourings, flavourings or artificial gelatines. The jams made from raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, chestnuts and elderberries are particularly exquisite


The mountain area of Valle Sabba is birthplace to a real ‘delicacy’: multiflora honey (made with the nectar of wild and precious flowers such as the rhododendron, the small-leaved lime or various meadow flowers). The honey is processed strictly according to natural principles without the use of harmful products. The result is an exquisite and authentic product.


Among the many specialities of Brescia and Valle Sabbia, you cannot afford to miss out on the delicious ‘spiedo’, a delicious variety of meat and potatoes cooked on a skewer and served with polenta. The long preparation time (around 7 hours roasting) and the flavours released by the aromatic herbs give the ‘spiedo’ its unique taste. A delicious dish which must be tried together with a good red wine. There are many places in the area famous for their ‘spiedo’, among which Serle, home to numerous restaurants specialised in preparing this delicious dish and the first municipality to cortify its ‘spiedo’