The Charm of Casoncelli

The Charm of Casoncelli

@ | 16 February 2016

Casoncelli, or Casonsei in local dialect, is among the most loved and most traditional plates of Bergamo. It consists of a pasta filled with leftover meats, cheese, amaretti cookies, and more (we’re drooling just thinking about it). This incredible dish was once a way to use leftover meats but slowly came to be a dish for special occasions. You can’t go to Bergamo without trying to this fabulous delicacy, or Lombardia for that matter. Without further ado, the recipe straight from our friends at Visit Bergamo!



For 6/8 people


400 g flour,

100 g durum wheat semolina,

2 eggs.



125 g bread crumbs,

1 egg,

70 g grated grana (or Parmesan) cheese,

150 g sausage meat,

100 g roast beef,

5 g amaretti biscuits,

10 g sultanas,

1 clove of garlic,

1 dessertspoon of chopped parsley,

salt, pepper.



80 g butter,

100 g bacon cut into strips,

100 g of grated grana (or Parmesan) cheese, a few sage leaves.


Mix the flour together with the semolina, eggs and a pinch of salt and add enough water to make a smooth dough, then leave to rest for at least half an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Brown the sausage meat with a knob of butter, then add the roast beef, garlic, parsley and mix for a few minutes to amalgamate the flavours. Pour everything into a bowl, add the grana or Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, egg, crumbled amaretti biscuits, chopped sultanas, some pepper and a pinch of salt. Mix together. If it seems too dry, add a drop of broth or water. Roll out the pasta, cut into 6/8 cm disks and place a spoonful of filling in the centre. Cook the casoncelli in plenty of salted water. After draining, pour over the melted butter flavoured with sage, bacon and grated Parmesan.

Enjoy with a glass of red Valcalepio wine!



For more information, head over to Visit Bergamo  or inLombardia!