Sport in Valsabbia

Sport in Valsabbia

10 June 2016

In the Valle Sabbia area you can go walking, running, cycling, canoeing, sailing, hang-gliding… When you are on holiday in this area, you have the chance to go hiking along the many signposted paths and in equipped parks (like the Fucine del Casto Park) or climbing up the beautiful rock faces of Valle Sabbia.

Those who love cycling can choose whether to climb up steep trails on a mountain bike or enjoy the view along gentler cycling routes stretching out over the hills and surrounding Lake Idro. The trails are also suitable for horse riding in summer and snowshoeing in winter.

Those who are looking for adventure will have the chance to canoeing, along with sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, sports that are favoured by the steady winds blowing over the shores of Lake Idro.


Casto is a unique area: just imagine a group of valleys boasting beautiful landscapes that hide stunning canyons. An extensive area with a variety of sports facilities, where you can discover forges used from the 1400s up until the last century and where wooden sculptures are on display. The park is a huge leisure area. It has climbing walls, rockclimbing routes, Tibetan bridges (all difficult routes requiring equipment), zip lines and caves. One big open-air gym to train, a beautiful adventure park to have fun. For more information and hiring equipment, contact the information point. There are also attractive routes for experienced climbers in the area – Ferrata Nasego (Very difficult): a new rock climbing route was built in 2011 with a difference in elevation of 420 metres, 800 metres of rope and lasts about 3 hours. From the foot of Corna di Savallo, we climb to the summit of Monte Nasego near the large Cross. This route is extraordinary because of the beauty of its rock faces as well as the view. On clear days we can see Lake Garda, Carè Alto and even Monte Rosa. Ferrate Caspai from the Pine woods in Lodrino up to the Caspai cross (Very difficult) another beautiful rock climbing route unfolds with over 400 m of difference in elevation and 1200 m of rope with breathtaking crossings above the village of Lodrino. For experts only. Casto is also an excellent area for cycling, with over 30 km of cycle paths.