Sirmione Spa

Sirmione Spa

26 May 2016

A feature that makes this area unique is the precious Thermal spa water that flows in the Garda peninsula adored by Catullus. The essence of the thermal spa’s power is in the sulphurous water, containing sodium chloride, bromine, and iodine. The water comes from the Monte Baldo reservoir at 800 metres high, descending more than 2,100 m below sea level, where it acquires minerals and heats up to 69°, making a journey of 20 years, before flowing from the Boiola spring. The special quality of the water, the technological and cutting­ edge tools, and the professionalism of the staff make the thermal spa hotels of Sirmione incredible locations to experience a unique local aspect. ù

The Sirmione Spas, situated on the peninsula of the same name, is one of the most important spa centres in Europe. Due to the precious sulphurous water, containing sodium chloride, bromine and

iodine, flowing naturally from the depths of the lake, the Sirmione Spa centres are advanced in the cure of pathologies of the respiratory system, the treatment of rheumatic complaints and motory rehabilitation. The spa water feeds the “Virgilio” and “Catullo” establishments and a new well-being spa centre Aquaria, that offers numerous courses for relaxation and beauty treatments.


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