Set Sail on Lake Garda

Set Sail on Lake Garda

15 September 2016

It’s time to head out on the lake and catch the wind! In occasion for the Centomiglia, there’s no better time to experience the thrill of setting sail. Take an alternative vacation and admire the beautiful lakeside villages. Don’t forget to brush up on your sailing vocabulary… it’ll come in handy!

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“Those afraid to lose seldom become winners” We spent a fantastic morning following the competing yachts in the #centomiglia a #sailing #regatta held on Lake Garda #inLombardia, Italy. Even before the race starts there’s plenty of drama, as boats of all shapes and sizes jostle and tack, seeking an advantage when the starter klaxon sounds. Inside lines and catching the fastest winds will be the difference between crossing the finishing line in first place or being an also ran. The race leaders such as pictured here far ahead of the chasing pack will sail close to the wind (excuse the pun). The skipper will take risks, pushing the craft and his crew to the limit, intent on getting the absolute maximum from both. This is how winners operate, regardless of the competition, they take risks, riding their luck, confident that their experience and ability will enable them to continue to compete at the absolute limits of their skill, equipment and team. It takes confidence, a certain arrogance that they are the best and they will prevail. The #100miglia is held over about 28 hours, starting at 8am on day one and finishing 12pm the following day. Anybody not having crossed the finishing line by then hasn’t finished the race. Those that lose the wind may end up stranded, unable to make any real progress, possibly limping across the line long after the leaders. Yacht racing is a kind of waterborne chess, as tactical as it is skillful, the skippers need to judge the conditions and ensure they choose the optimum line which will fill their sails and carry them literally on the wind. #inLombardia365 The sleek racing lines of these super yachts are a thing of beauty and there’s a certain poetry to sailing; a most elegant sport. TIP: Successful action or sports photography is about being ready, the buzz word here is action. Things can develop extremely quickly and only those prepared will capture that great shot. Cameras need to be switched on, setup to ensure a fast shutter speed to catch the action and shoot continuous so the sequence is captured. Tag somebody in the comments you would like to sail away with.

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