Reliving Mantua pt 2

Reliving Mantua pt 2

22 April 2016

Part 2 of our journey to relive the tour in Mantua is full of incredible monuments, mouth-watering food, and the perfect excursion out on the Mincio River. We started day two off with a tour of some of the most important masterpieces in the city before stopping for a typical lunch and then a special tasting of local products on board a small boat in the Mincio River! 

First stop… the Ducal Palace with the Andrea Mantegna’s infamous Camera degli Sposi!


Camera degli Sposi in the Ducal Palace. By @artpostblog


Caterina of @artpostblog exploring the Ducal Palace. By @lolakinmade


Frescoes within the Palazzo Te of Jupiter in the Chamber of Giants. By @lolaakinmade


Info on all the places we saw were helpful, and the Mantova Card was crucial in getting in to see every masterpiece! By @artpostblog


FINALLY, lunch time with the infamous pumpkin tortelli of Mantua… By @dailybreakfast


No meal is complete without dessert. Here, you can’t miss out on the local specialty, Sbrisolona. By @kitchentrouble


All aboard for our tour (and tasting) on the Mincio River! By @hal_ellis_davis

12917843_826176354183148_884373607_n (1)

A typical sight here on the Mincio River in Mantua! By @celicelo


Getting the perfect shot on board in the Mincio River. The weather couldn’t have been better! By @hal_ellis_davis


Just a sample of the fabulous products of Mantua we got to taste on the Mincio River. By @dailybreakfast


Sunset on the lakeside in Mantua. By @celicelo


Moments at sunset after our boat tour on the Mincio River. By @discret

As the second day came to an end, our team of adventurers were well fed, tired, and ready to sleep a bit before heading to Sabbioneta, a UNESCO Site with Mantua,  the following day! With a short drive, we reached this gorgeous town in around 30 minutes and were ready to explore!


The iconic arcade of Sabbioneta. By @hal_ellis_davis


Scenes inside the Synagogue of Sabbioneta, an incredible structure located in a private building. By @lancestein


Sabbhioneta never ceases to amaze! By @carnetdescapade


Last sampling of local products in Sabbioneta before heading back to the airport! We also had fresh pumpkin gnocchi, Sbrisolona, and some Lambrusco to wash it all down! By @hal_ellis_davis

All in alll, our tour in Manuta was a success and between all the history, food, and imposing masterpieces along the way, we can’t wait to return to this spectacular destination. It’s no wonder Mantua was named the 2016 Italian Capital of Culture! For more, follow #inLombardia365 on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook