Reliving Mantua pt.1

Reliving Mantua pt.1

21 April 2016

Today we’re breaking down the #inLombardia365 tour in Mantua with some photos shot live by our team of bloggers and photographers! Check out their pages for more photos and information!

We arrived in Mantua in the afternoon and began strolling the streets right away. The people, the small vias, the architecture, and… the smell of freshly made food was enough to have us all in love with this Renaissance city.


Street scenes shot by @lancestein


Piazza delle Erbe in Mantua by @hal_ellis_davis


Charming streets by @celicelo

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Stopping in to the Bibiena was incredible… A true Mantuan masterpiece of which Mozart once said  “In all my life, I have never seen anything more beautiful of its kind” by @dailybreakfast

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Having a bit of fun at the Castello di San Giorgio by @discret with @hal_ellis_davis


Watching the last rays of sun hit the Clock Tower by @kitchentrouble

When the sunset was upon us, we stopped for a drink before heading off to a fantastic cooking class where we made fresh tortelli and got a taste of some other typical Mantuan specialties.

Some apetizers to hold everyone over… we’re drooling already by @lolaakinmade


Our tortelli made from scratch by @kitchentrouble


Finally sitting down for a fabulous meal together by @hal_ellis_davis

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