Palazzo Salis in Tirano

Palazzo Salis in Tirano

9 July 2016

Having always belonged to the Salis family, Palazzo Salis has undergone restoration works throughout the centuries, and represents the extraordinary cultural artistic heritage of the area.

The Palazzo was built at the beginning of the XVII century, starting from four pre-existent noble buildings, thus creating a harmonious  example of Baroque style mixed with XVI century parts. For the last few years, the home of the Salis – once  Graubunden governors and majors in Valtellina – has hosted a museum with documents, furniture, and paintings of great historical value,  which is newly curated each year.

The Palazzo can be visited internally, starting from the frescoed main court, following the imposing staircase giving access to the  big ballroom which leads into the 10 rooms circuit- each of them perfectly restored and decorated with valuable frescoes and stuccoes, wonderful examples of Baroque style.

Among the many artifacts, documents such as the handwritten Valtellinese statutes (1530), the original earl’s diploma by Emperor Leopold I of Hapsburg (1694) and the drawings of the famous architect Giacomo Barozzi ( called “Il Vignola”) are a unique and fascinating way to get a glimpse of the local past. Included in the tour is a visit to the ancient private chapel dedicated to St. Carlo Borromeo (1612) and, on request, to the beautiful Italian garden.

Opening times:

From 2nd April to October: from Monday to Wednesday morning from 10.00 to 14.00

From Thursday to Saturday from 10.00 to 15.30

From November to March: obligatory reservation (min. 6 people)

For more information:

Palazzo Salis

P.tta Salis, 3 – Tirano

Tel. 340 0640653