Old World Charm in Bergamo

Old World Charm in Bergamo

@ | 12 February 2016

Our group of bloggers and instagramers is off on their adventure #inLombardia365, exploring the gorgeous views of Bergamo Alta on this beautiful Friday! After stopping last night in the UNESO World Heritage Site of Crespi d’Adda to catch a marvelous sunset, these travelers made their way to the heart of Bergamo where they’ll be uncovering the local gems for the rest of the weekend.

Today’s to-do list? A morning stroll to see the artisan ateliers and views from Bergamo Alta (with a visit to theCampanone and the Rocca) before heading off for Lunch at the Caffè della Funicolare… Foodies pepare yourselves. After tasting some of the best this city has to offer (we should stress “some”, as it would take a bit longer than a weekend to taste it all here!), our gang will be touring the Accademia di Carrara for a fix of fine art and then off to theSan Pellegrino Terme for some fun at the spa with happy hour to follow.

The sun has set and our (now very relaxed) travelers are in for a treat- we’re doing dinner at the Cantiere Cucina for some more traditional fine eating.

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Stay tuned, surprises to come!