Monza Park

Monza Park

28 August 2016

Monza Park is at the beating heart of Monza, a lush green area crossed by the Lambro River. Immersed in the countless paths, you’ll discover all kinds of sportive and cultural activities.

Together with the Gardens of the Royal Villa, it constitutes a complex of priceless landscapes, history, monuments, and architecture. The protected area was opened on September 14th of 1805 by the Emperor Napoleon, who wanted a model agricultural space and enormous hunting grounds. The Park is spread out over 700 hectares and is one of the largest historic parks in Europe. There are three main areas: that next to the Royal Villa, in the south, which is a garden and open field; the area to the north, the “Bosco Bello” a botanical forest; and the area along the Lambro River.

Today Monza Park represents a one of a kind sanctuary for the hundreds of thousands that live around the area. It’s no surprise that over 1 million people visit the park each year, and it’s the only oasis and secure refuge for many species of plants and animals.

Strolling through just one of the trails, you can look back in time at how Brianza was in the 19th century…forests, rolling hills, the Lambro River, farmsteads, and villas.

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