Locals of Lombardia: Lorenzo, a Tour Guide in Mantua

Locals of Lombardia: Lorenzo, a Tour Guide in Mantua

12 April 2016

Today we present Lorenzo, a tour guide and an art historian in Mantua, who will take our team on the discovery of some of the most incredible masterpieces in the city.


Hello Lorenzo, present yourself to our readers!

Well, I was born in Mantua in 1978, where I studied at what’s known as a “liceo classico” (classical high school), and then Art History at Ca’ Foscari in Venice. Over the years, and through various collaborations, I have founded “Engramma” with colleagues and professors, dedicated to the classical tradition in European art.

In 2006 I became licensed as a tour guide in Mantua and the Province. My tours are at the top of the listings in Trip Advisor for tourism in Mantua and I’ve also been named a Top Choice by Lonely Planet.

As an art historian, I was the scientific curator at the exhibit “Classico Manifesto” (Milano, Triennale), dedicated to the reciprocal relationship between art and advertisement. I also write for “Art e Dossier” and am currently cataloging hundreds of medieval, renaissance, and baroque works of art. Finally, I’m mostly interested in Greco Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque art.


If you had to describe Mantua in 3 words, what would they be?

I would say “precious”, because the city is truly a gem of art, architecture, history, and culture. There’s a reason it’s a UNESCO Site and the 2016 Italian Capital of Culture.

“human-scale” because it’s small enough to visit and concentrated with plenty of history to be seen by tourists”.

“harmonic”, because from the Romanesque to the Baroque, and passing through the Renaissance, there are many different styles to be discovered in the city in harmony.


What is your favorite place in Mantua?

My favorite place would be the rooms of Isabella d’Este in the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua. They really breath the essence of the Marquis and the it’s private renaissance.


Name a place that the Instagramers on our team to Mantua simply can’t miss.

Surely the city skyline that you’ll see from the “Campo Canoa”. Another would be the Clock Tower, there are also really nice views in Piazza Concordia and Piazza Leon Battista Alberti.


What experience can you simply not miss out on in Mantua?

Keep your eyes open, but don’t forget the incredible gastronomy. From the Pumpkin Tortelli, the famous “Riso alla Pilota” and the Sbrisolona, our cuisine is truly fantastic! Especially anything from the bakery, which was really developed in the years of Austrian rule. You should definitely try the Torta Elvezia: a kind of “dacquoise” cake with layers of almond meringue and a mix of cream, butter, and zabaione… need I say more?


What do you think about the #inLombardia365 project, which looks to share Lombardia with the world?

I’ve worked for years in digital marketing for tourism, and I must say, I really enjoy it. I’m also happy to be hosting events this time around. I’ve been to many events and on many blog tours in different regions within Italy, but I can’t wait to welcome the bloggers of #inLombardia365 in my city!


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