Locals of Lombardia, in flight with Giorgio

Locals of Lombardia, in flight with Giorgio

5 May 2016

Today we present Giorgio Porta, a tour operator, hydroplane pilot, and President of the Aeroclub of Como (the oldest association and school of hydroplanes in the world, a title recognized by Guiness World RecordsTM! )


Born and raised in Como, Giorgio travels often both for work and for fun. From one part of the world to the next, Giorgio always returns home to his beloved lake.


  • If you had to describe Como with three adjectives, what would they be? and Lecco? 

Famous, romantic, and static. For Lecco dynamic, busy, and manzoniana.

  • What is one place that the instagramers have to take a photo of? 

A view of the city with the lake at their back.

  • What is one experience you simply must try in Como or Lecco?

I think talking about “experiences” can be difficult when dealing with a city that’s full of unique things to do. From the hydroplanes, the funicular trains, and boat rides, even the transportation is beautiful! In Lecco, there’s the lake and mountain combination that you can’t skip over!

  • What do you think of the #inlombardia365 project, which showcases the region to the world? 

It’s a project that works well in today’s world! Presenting the territory in this way, you can really create an amazing chain of connections and spread the word about the wonders here.

  • If a tourist should learn three words or expressions in the local dialect, what should they be? 

Te capii? You got it? Misultin (a typical plate of Lake Como) is a classic example of the local culture and cuisine. L’è mej fa invidia che cumpasiun, jealousy in a good sense. The jealousy of those who don’t have the fortune of living in such a beautiful territory.

  • What do you miss most about Como and Lecco when you’re far from home? 

Definitely the lake, the shoreside, the villages, the villas, and the colors that change with the seasons, the snow-capped mountains in the cold winter days, the sound of the steamboats as they come across the fisherman’s boat, and a flight in hydroplane.