Locals of Lombardia: A World Class Interview

Locals of Lombardia: A World Class Interview

12 July 2016

Elena Curtoni, 25 years old and born in Morbegno, Valtellina, is a professional skier and national athlete in the running for the Alpine Ski World Cup. We interviewed her for our series, Locals in Lombardia!


What is your favorite place in Valtellina?

I absolutely love Valgerola, Pescegallo in particular, where I grew up on and played on the freezing slopes as a kid!

An experience not to miss in Valtellina?

The skiing here is absolutely amazing here, and everywhere, but I’m a bit biased… The Bormio spas are incredible and are a great way to relax after a long day of hiking!

Your favorite local dish?

To start things out, I love cheese, and it’s in almost every dish here. My grandfather cooks an amazing “taragna” polenta that’ll make your mouth water, and the Bitto Storico cheese from Valgerola is a favorite in my family.

You obviously enjoy winter sports, but what are some of the best sporting activities in the summer? 

There’s so much to do in Valtellina, from long distance hiking along the Orobie Alps to the downhill biking in Livigno. My personal favorite is climbing in Val di Mello!