Locals of Lombardia – A Swede in Varese : Filippa Lagerbäck

Locals of Lombardia – A Swede in Varese : Filippa Lagerbäck

23 June 2016

How about a brief introduction for our readers?

I’m a television host and in the last few years have found Varese to be the ideal home. Here you’re truly immersed in greenery. Looking around you’ll see the Sacro Monte, Campo dei Fiori, and all the gorgeous natural landscapes in between. Just a bit outside the city, I love going for a bike ride on the lakes with the backdrop of the Monte Rosa…What else could you want?


What is your favorite place in Varese?

Immagine heading just a few kilometers from the city to a British-style country resort in the lush greenery. The village of Mustonate is a special place, and really allows you to breath the history. I often go with my dog Whisky to explore the 60 hectares of countryside, but the food there is also fabulous.


An experience not to be missed on Lake Maggiore?

Lake Maggiore is truly gorgeous. Take off in boat from Laveno and ride the wind to reach Santa Caterina del Sasso! The beauty of this monument is stunning…it’s like a giant sculpture perched on the rocks over the lakeside.


Your favorite traditional dish?

In the valleys of the Pre-Alps there’s an incredible cheese that you have to try with DOP honey from the territory. Then there are the organic peaches in Monate… if you haven’t tried them, I definitely suggest it.


What are the hotspots of the nightlife in Varese?

In the city center, among the shopping streets, and what is known as the “Little Brera”. Compared to one of the chic and charming neighborhoods of Milan, this area is full of locales that are perfect to pass the night with friends. My favorite has to be Balthazar by Skizzo. There are plenty of places that pair fashion with hospitality for a pleasant surprise in Varese!