Livigno’s Dairy Tradition

Livigno’s Dairy Tradition

21 July 2016

Over the years the Livigno Dairy has carved out a twofold role:  a consummate example of the short chain processing of dairy products, and an important tourist attraction, especially for families with children. Thanks to the display windows and exhibition corridors within the building, visitors can follow the various phases of processing milk and its derivatives, from start to finish.

The extensive outdoor terrace is highly appreciated, where you can sample the Dairy’s produce on the bank of the Spol torrent, just a stone’s throw from the Lake of Livigno, right on the cycling path and immersed in the green of the meadows.

In summer don’t miss the homemade ice-cream, which is a great tourist draw. You can try a bowlful, which is a meal in itself, or a takeaway cone directly from the cycling path.

The Dairy is also ideal for a lunch based on local products: not only cheeses but bresaola (air-dried salted beef), slinzega (air-dried meat) and appetising salads accompanied by rye bread. You can also buy the products from the sales outlet where the staff will explain the features of the individual cheeses and the different kinds of milk, yogurt and derivatives.

For more information about peasant life and life in the Alpine summer pastures, the museum set up in the Dairy with objects and photographs of the past provides a historical-sociological reconstruction of life in the Livigno valley, with special reference to stock breeding and the processing of milk.

Closely linked to dairy activities is the end of summer event wholly dedicated to typical mountain agriculture. From 15th to 18th September, the Alpen Fest celebrates agricultural workers and the moving of animals to new pastures. Here you will see breeders and their herds, the animals embellished with precious bells and garlands of flowers. At the same time there is also the Livigno Cheese Exhibition. On 21st September, the annual Agricultural Fair is held, with assignment of titles for the various categories of breeding animals.


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