Limoncino Tasting – A Must on Lake Garda

Limoncino Tasting – A Must on Lake Garda

11 September 2016

The citrus fruits were brought in the Garda during the thirteenth century by the monks of the monastery of San Francesco in Gargnano. So the winter gardens were built: greenhouses where it was possible to cultivate lemon, cedar and orange trees, subsequently exported all over Europe, thanks to the favourable climate which is mild also in winter. Today the winter gardens are an incomparable historic and architectural heritage of the Garda region and are an important testimony of a past of labour and tradition.

Limone sul Garda in particular is the symbol of this culture and the production of limoncino is one
of a kind!

The yellow and wrinkled lemon skin is the essential ingredient for the production of limoncino. Water, alcohol and sugar are few and natural ingredients of an ancient recipe, simple and genuine, which has conquered the taste of many fans. This liqueur is both sweet and decisive at the same time, and is obtained from extracts of lemon peel. Perfect for after a meal,must be served well chilled or on the rocks. You can not spend a few days on Lake Garda without tasting a limoncino! Must do at lake Garda!


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