Last Day Exploring Brescia

Last Day Exploring Brescia

20 May 2016

It’s the last day of this incredible #inLombardia365 tour between Brescia and Lake Garda, and this morning it’s the former our group of storytellers will be exploring! To kick things off, they’re headed to uncover the beauty of the Archaeological Park and the Santa Giulia Museum, surely a unique experience.

The Museum of Brescia is located in the historic setting of the female Benedictine monastery of San Salvatore and Santa Giulia, founded in 753 by Duke Desiderio, then king of the Lombards, and his wife Ansa. In Roman times the area of the monastery was occupied by an extended neighbourhood, with houses decorated with mosaics and frescoes and a stretch of public road, partially recovered during recent excavations, with many relics on display in the museum.

The team also got the chance to try out the “Epson Moverio” glasses to uncover Brescia with augmented reality!

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When it was all said and done, our bloggers and instagramers had plenty of memories from this incredible tour, if you want to take a look, check out #inLombardia365 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook !