Lakeside Restaurants & the Typical Cuisine of Como

Lakeside Restaurants & the Typical Cuisine of Como

4 May 2016

Lake Como covers three different areas with strong local cuisines, all of which are diverse from one another, especially when considering they’re separated by a few kilometers!


At the table, fish based dishes are versatile and used quite often. Paired with a delicate rice, there’s the Perch, and Misultin’s bold flavors go well with polenta, which can also be used with the clean flavors of Lavarello in a salsa verde. These kinds of dishes are almost always found in local restaurants, especially in the warm months when fisherman never come home empty-handed.


For those looking to experiment a bit, there are plenty of dishes that have been developed further thanks to gastronomical science and a bit of creativity…. Be sure to try the many variations of spaghetti with bottarga from the lake, ravioli filled with fish, lavarello carpaccio, and crostini with smoked lavarello!


The cuisine of the valleys is a bit more traditional with influences from the farm tradition and typically includes polenta, an incredibly versatile dish that is often paired with wild game, mushrooms, and cheese!


Finally, the cuisine of the plains can be found near Brianza, which often uses meat from the surrounding lands. A very typical dish found here in Lombardia is the “Cazzoéla”, a kind of stew made with meat, sausage, and vegetables.


A few extras:

The “braschin” is a sweet kind of focaccia bread, which comes from the poor cuisine, made from leftovers in Garzeno in Alto Lago. Typically consumed in the winter season, it’s a truly unique treat to be enjoyed!

Then there’s the “resta”, a loaf of bread with an olive branch inside that’s left when you’re done eating.


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