Itineraries through history and art: the spirit of Monza

Itineraries through history and art: the spirit of Monza

7 September 2016

Monza is a Roman, Longobard, Medieval, Hapsburg, and Napoleonic city. A city of art and culture, but also with rich natural scenery. It’s rich past has left its mark on the historic center where you can begin some of the historic tours to uncover the significant monuments and locations of the city and of the Lambro River.

The “Storia” or historical itinerary allows visitors to uncover the buildings and the monuments that best represent the historic center: the Casa degli Umiliati (hosting the rich collection of the Museum of Monza), the Duomo and the medieval tower of Via Lambro, the Arengario, the old city hall, Piazza Trento and Trieste, and the Monument to the Fallen.

The “Spirito” or spiritual itinerary will take you on the discovery of the Duomo (Cathedral), which holds the Iron Crown, the Augustinian church of Santa Maria in Strada, the ex-convent of San Francesco and the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Continue on to the San Pietro Martire complex, with the churches of Santa Maria and Sant’Agata at Carrobiolo, San Gerardino, and San Maurizio.

Finally, the “Acqua” or water itinerary explores the role of the waters of the Lambro, which crosses through the city through Monza Park. On the shores, you’ll find the old town where the principal economic and commercial activity once took place, characterizing the local history. Taking off from the “Torretta Viscontea”, the itinerary allows visitors to uncover just how important the waters were to the local economy, culture, and daily life.

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