Instagramers in Milan!

Instagramers in Milan!

8 December 2016

Just a couple of days before we take off on our last tour of the year. We’ll be in Milan from December 8-11 and couldn’t be more ready to start exploring! Check out the instagramers with us on this extraordinary journey! Remember to follow #inLombardia365 on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

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Born and raised in Rimini, I left the city early to begin my professional career in fashion and design. I quickly found Milan to be my home thanks to the dynamic job I found and the passion for photography between one airport and the next. It was actually traveling that made me start taking photos and has now become a daily activity I can’t live without. Together with the curiosity to continue learning about the locations and cultures of new and different cities, I’m always taking pictures on my phone.




My name is Marina, I am 25 years old.  I graduated from medical uni and I am a dentist by profession. Photography is my hobby and traveling inspires me – I love to take photos of nature, animals, birds, however I like to experiment with different types of photography.

I can’t go anywhere without my camera. I like to discover new places and cultures, meet new people, make new friends. It’s like a breath for me and each trip is like a breath of fresh air. I can’t live without smiling even when its hard but my friends and people around know me as smiling person so I try to do everything with a smile, good mood and dedication. Nothing is earned without a struggle and I’ve learned that what I’ve achieved comes only from hard work. My other hobby is learning languages – my mother tongue is Russian but I also speak Ukranian, and English. Also recently I’ve been learning Spanish and I plan to continue with as many languages as I can. I enjoy studying and I like to communicate with people from different countries and see the world without borders and languages barriers.




My name is Sanne and I’m both a photographer and a psychologist. I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. I love to travel and find the best places to enjoy nature and landscapes and capture this beauty with photography. Together with my boyfriend Herbert (@herbertschroer), we started a travel and photography blog called All the Places You Will Go. It is great to share this passion for photography and to travel around the world together!



Herbert Schröer

My name is Herbert and I’m both a photographer and an engineer. I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht in The Netherlands together with my girlfriend Sanne (@sanneb10). The two of us love to travel and together we have a travel and photography blog called All the Places You Will Go.



Phil González

I’m Head of Digital at AMC Networks International (Iberia and Latin America), a leading broadcaster of television channels producing series like ‘Mad Men’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.
In 2011, as a hobbyist, I started a blog called Instagramers and then founded the Instagramers Network, the biggest Instagram fans’ association in the world.
Instagramers or IGers are a congregation of millions of members in more than 80 countries. They organize more than 50 events each month related to Instagram and mobile photography. In 2014, I was able to inaugurate the very first Instagramers Gallery at Fundación Telefonica, Madrid, a place where mobile photography is considered as a new form of social art.

Federico Graziati

In my passport is written Federico Graziati but my friends all call me Fede or Graz. I’m a web marketing manager of a Perfume company, I have a travel and tech blog and one of my biggest hobbies is photography. #fromGrazEyes is my hashtag because I wanna tell what I see with my eyes. With my shots and my words I want to show you the real essence of the discovery!