Instagramers in Mantua!

Instagramers in Mantua!

14 April 2016

We’re packing our bags and preparing the final touches for our #inLombardia365 tour in Mantua, set to kick off tomorrow, Friday April 15th! Today we’re taking a look at the Instagramers who will accompany us on the adventure through culture, history, and lots and lots of food… Without further ado, our Instagramers!

celine full

Celine Auffret

Mother to @bebechoupy, Celine captures one of a kind moments, covering playful, romantic, and scenic moments. Stopping time in its tracks, Celine’s photography gives us an insight to her life, whether its a street corner, a special event, or a moment with her son. Follow Celine for charming street shots, landscapes, and candid shots of locals.

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Lance Henderstein

Lance Henderstein spent the last six years in Tokyo teaching writing at one of Japan’s top international schools. In Los Angeles, he worked at CBS radio by day while writing and performing comedy by night. He is now pursuing truth through images and language. He is always up for an impassioned discussion about trains, inequality, and the origin of things. Follow Lance for raw photos that explore themes of culture and anthropology through candid shots of urban landscapes and portraits.

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   Hal Davis

I am a Communication Design student based in south east England. I am 18 years old, and in love with my cat and my family (cat being more important, of course). When I downloaded Instagram accidentally four years ago, thinking it was to edit photos, I had no idea it would spark my passion for photography, or introduce me to some of the most incredible people I have ever met. I have been influenced both creatively and in my outlook on life by images I’ve come across on Instagram, and by the people behind the account handles. Whether I’m checking out @alice_gao’s breakfast flatlays in my lunch break, yearning for one of @jaredchamber’s road trips or being overcome with New York wanderlust via @visualmemories_, the ‘gram has inspired me day to day to travel and eat and shoot, and do what I do, and my life wouldn’t be the same without it.” Follow Hal for stunning and surreal photos of urban and natural landscapes.

laura full

Laura La Monaca

Food, travel, and lifestyle photographer + food stylist, Laura is mostly based in Milan although she has a penchant for visiting gorgeous destinations. She works with national and international magazines, companies, and institutions and her clients have included: Food & Wine, Discovery by Cathay Pacific, National Geographic Traveler, La Cucina Italiana, Lifegate, Starwood, and Widely. Her work has also been featured on Instagram, VSCO, Travel+Leisure, Departures, and GQ. Follow Laura for incredible shots of simple moments that are sure to reignite your wanderlust.

arnaud full

Arnaud Brecht

“My job is to produce photos that are aesthetic, poetic, positive, and entertaining. I combine popular, everday culture with toys of my youth or today.”

Arnaud Brecht is a 36 year-old Parisian who has managed to make the city his playground, giving free reign to his imagination, and taking pictures of toys and figurines in real life situations. Since 2011, he has fused reality with the imaginary and playful spirit of superheroes, which he shares via social networks. Follow Arnaud for a unique take on pop culture while he explores the 2016 Italian Capital of Culture.

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