The Museum of Monza

The Museum of Monza

29 August 2016

After 30 years, the Museum of Monza reopened its doors in 2014 in a medieval complex known as the Casa degli Umiliati, a building once used for meetings and prayers of the Humiliati, a powerful religious group from the 13th century.

The Museum of Monza was officially created in 1935 and was hosted in the northern wing of the Royal Villa, where the Pinacoteca Civica and Historic Museum were placed. The latter of these was later transfered into the Salone dell’Arengario in the 60’s.

In 1983, the Pinacoteca and the Historic Museum were closed to the public and the works were stored away until reopening in the Casa degli Umiliati in 2014. Today, the museum boasts over 1500 pieces from paintings, sculptures, drawings, archaeological ruins, cermaics, ancient weapons, and personal object in addition to 1300 prints, one of the largest and most important in Lombardy.


The exposition is divided into 13 sections with 140 pieces on display and highlights include paintings and sculptures from the late 19th century from Mosé Bianchi, Pompeo Mariani, Anselmo Bucci, Arturo Martini and Marino Marini.


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