Garda Cooking Cup

Garda Cooking Cup

20 September 2016

Garda Cooking Cup is a project which aims to emphasize the excellence of the gastronomic reality of the Lake Garda and of its main sport: sailing!

Professional chefs, local restaurants, and amateur cooks are all ready to test their ability in a thrilling contest. While the crews will be busy guiding the boat to the finish point, the culinary teams will be doing their best to create mouth-watering masterpieces. Upon arrival, the gastronomic jury, on the beautifu Siora Veronica boat, will judge the dishes made during the navigation, assessing presentation, difficulty of execution, and taste.

The winning teams will be judged by the combination of the race and cooking.

There will also be an event held in Victory Square in Salò, with the exhibition of food & wine, cooking shows, tastings, cultural institutions and celebrations!