Flavors of Lake Garda: The Local Cheese

Flavors of Lake Garda: The Local Cheese

26 September 2016

In the Lake Garda region, there are many products representing the culinary heritage in Italy.

First of all, the famous Grana Padano…

The made in Italy product that the whole world envies has its consortium in Desenzano del garda.

Grana Padano is a hard cheese made from partially skimmed milk, divided into 3 ages: up to 16 months, over 16 months and RESERVE over 30 months.

The ancient dairy tradition continues in Lake Garda through the production of the “Formaggella di Tremosine” soft cheese and the “Garda” semi-soft cheese (hard and semi-cooked cheese which can be tasted grated or during meals, according to the ageing). In the period of the mountain pasture at Cima Rest, in Valvestino, the “Tombea” cheese (a mountain cheese of unique features) is produced by some dairymen: it is well-appreciated for its gastronomic qualities and its authenticity.