Five Crazy Down

Five Crazy Down

11 July 2016

Five Crazy Down Five remarkable descents plunging from the highest peaks of Valtellina and Valposchiavo (Switzerland) right to the valley bottom, through dirt roads, mule tracks, old military roads and steep flow trails. Some of them are quite easy, others a bit more difficult. It’s all fun – but – from novice to experienced mountain riders, a proper physical and technical condition is strongly recommended.

The strain (or the pleasure!) of the climb can be eased by reaching the start of the tours with your car or using the shuttle service. The pleasure (or the strain!) of the descent is just a matter between you and your trustworthy bike.

To mountain bike lovers, Alta Rezia means both a large area full of awesome trails to ride (High and middle Valtellina, Valposchiavo) and a wide range of services: bike hotels, shuttle services, bike parks, mountain bike schools and guides, ski lifts, maps and publishing. Alta Rezia offers all you need for bike riding in the Stelvio National Park, descending old military roads and trails, passing through incredible alpine landscapes, woods and vineyards.

In the evening “bresaola” and “pizzocheri”, as well as strong-flavored cheese and red wine will bring friends together around a table, eating and telling one each other of stunning bike trails and amazing alpine landscapes.