Finally in Varese!

Finally in Varese!

24 June 2016

24 June

2:30 – Arrival and Check in at Hotel Capolago

2:45 – Depart for Ville Ponti Congress Center Centro. Welcome coffee and visit to Villa Andrea and Villa Napoleonica with Filippa Lagerback

4:00 – Departure for Sacro Monte of Varese (UNESCO Site) walk up to the Chapels and village to visit the Sanctuary and Cript

6:00 – 6:30 – Depart for the Pogliaghi house museum for happy hour on the terrace and visit of the rooms

8:00 – Dinner at the “Al Borducan” Restaurant

10:30 – Return to Hotel

25 June

9:00 – Depart from hotel

9:15 – Arrive at Calcinate del Pesce c/o Club Volo a Vela “Adele Orsi”

Flight briefing with video

1st group (5 people): experience in glider plane

2nd group (5 people): visit to the museum with flight simulator

Change groups

12:30 Lunch at the Club Volo a Vela “Adele Orsi” Restaurant

2:30 Afternoon dedicated to horseback riding in the nature of Varese

6.30 Return to hotel

8:00 Dinner in “Al Pravello” in the center of Varese

26 June

9:00 Depart hotel for a morning of sailing on Lake Maggiore

Visit to the Santa Caterina Hermitage

1:00 Lunch in Laveno at the “Il piccolo Moro” Restaurant

3:00 Return to Milan