Day 3 in Varese: The Wind at our Backs

Day 3 in Varese: The Wind at our Backs

26 June 2016

Waking up Sunday, we were all excited to see what the day would bring. Another fantastic breakfast to charge up with energy and we were off. Today we’d be hitting Lake Maggiore for a bit of sailing before visiting the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso perched on the rocks.




This gorgeous monastery was built in the 14th century and whether you’re on the lake or land, it’s a must see while here on Lake Maggiore. In the warm months, you can explore the shores of Lake Maggiore by boat for a unique point of view. The lake enters into Piedmont as well, so you can also explore the Borromean Islands!

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When you’ve had your fair share of sun, take refuge in one of the many lakeside restaurants to get a taste of the wonderful cuisine here! We stopped off at the Piccolo Moro in Laveno for some wonderful fish, pasta, and fresh fruit.