Day 2 in Varese: Flying High

Day 2 in Varese: Flying High

25 June 2016

After a hot afternoon of climbing up to the Sacro Monte of Varese for happy hour and a visit to the one of a kind Pogliaghi Museum on Friday, you can be sure we slept well!

Breve riassunto Il Sacro Monte di Varese, con le sue 14 Cappelle che si snodano lungo un acciotolato di circa 2 km è indubbiamente il più affascinante itinerario mariano al mondo. Si crede che sulla via che porta al Sacromonte siano passati, in circa 300 anni, 60 milioni di pellegrini. E ieri per la prima volta @peppecant nella salita ha fatto sudare anche il cellulare … 😅 #buongiornopertuttoilgiorno 💙 . . . . #igersvarese #inlombardia365 #Vsco #gf_italy #mood_family #shotaward #princely_shotz #phototag_it #tv_pointofview #tv_living #exklusive_shot #whatitalyis #ig_worldclub #instaitalia #igworldclub #ig_italia #igersitalia #gotourism #exploreeverything #rsa_vsco #rsa_streetview #vscocam #vscogood #igglobalclub #superhubs_power #huffpostitagram

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We woke up for a gorgeous breakfast in the hotel – if you have any instagramer friends, you know an #onthetable photo is just too much to resist here. The masters, Peppe and Roby, were able to get the perfect shot without letting the cappuccinos go cold and we got ready for an exciting day of flying and horseback riding!

As we arrived at the Aero Club Adele Orsi, the weather was just barely holding out and it was looking as if we wouldn’t be able to fly given the conditions. As our tour continued on, the weather worsened and we were almost sure we wouldn’t get to see Varese from above. Just when we had given up hope, the clouds started to clear out and we were left with a beautiful blue sky. We were off, preparing the planes for launch to experience one of the most amazing thrills of the weekend! As each of us soared up into the sky over the Campo dei Fiori and Varese Lake, we were given the chance to fly the plane for ourselves and some even did flight aerobatics!

Once we were out of the air and had the chance to grab lunch, we headed to the Pivione Agritourism, where we hopped aboard some magnificent creatures for a unique experience. The calm atmosphere with dogs and chickens scattered about made us feel right at home. After getting the hang of it, we took the horses out for a ride in the sun!

Tired (and a little stinky), we returned to the hotel to clean up before exploring downtown Varese. The streets were full on a balmy Summer night and we soaked in the local atmosphere before winding our way to a fantastic happy hour and dinner outside.

Back at the hotel, we collapsed with the memories fresh in our minds, curious for what Sunday would bring!