Bormio, More than a Spa Day

Bormio, More than a Spa Day

15 March 2016

Bormio (1225 m above sea level) owes everything to its elevation and geographic position, a strategic location for communication across the Alps. Nature, sport, snow, wellness, culture, and gastronomy… It’s no wonder they call it the “Magnifica Terra”.  


During the winter season you can take advantage of the over 50 km of the snowy slopes here at Stelvio Pass (2758-3420 m above sea level)

The entire area is located within the Stelvio National Park, enjoying an incredible natural heritage. The unique climate allows you to experience the mountains in every season. From free climbing and paragliding, to downhill mountain biking. For those looking to take it a bit easier, there’s golf, horse riding, hiking, and sport fishing.

Being so close to the Alpine passes of Stelvio, Gavia, and Mortirolo means this area is a true paradise for anyone looking to get out on two wheels. The bike routes are spectacular and you’ll find more than 40 switchbacks on the Lombardia side to Bormio.  Heading upwards from Bormio, you’ll arrive at the Santa Maria Pass or the Umbrail Pass (2,503 m) that continues on to Switzerland in Val Monastero.

Thanks to its central position along the commercial route between Northern and Southern Europe, the area has benefited from a strong sense of independence and financial wealth, which is still visible today in the historic city center. In the heart of the Alps, we suggest taking a stroll to discover the many churches (Chiesa Collegiata, Chiesa del Sassello, Chiesa di Sant’Antonio, Chiesa di San Vitale), castles (Torre delle Ore, Castello De Simoni), historic buildings and museums (Natural & Mineralogy Museum of Bormio), showcasing the wonders of the region. There are also many itineraries dedicated to the First World War that will take you back in time to the trenches, barracks, and military schemes.

There’s also a local competition worth checking out… each neighborhood is characterized by a different color and symbol: Buglio, a blue fountain; Combo, cat on a white background; Dossiglio, mill wheel on a green background; Dossorovina, the Kuerc and the Torre delle Ore on a yellow background; and Maggiore, a wolf on a red background.

This ski competition values spirit more than sportive merit, and participants gain points for wearing old costumes with their team’s color and using old wooden skis.

Finally, here in Bormio, visitors should be sure to try typical dishes of Valtellina like Pizzoccheri, Sciatt, Bresaola, Polenta, Bisciöla, and the many cheeses. They all have ancient origins that have been protected until today by families passing down the traditions and recipes for generations. Last but not least, remember to try some of the local wines, artisan beer, and liquors like Braulio and Taneda.


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