Bloggers for #il365

Bloggers for #il365

27 October 2016

Taking off tomorrow! Our next #inLombardia365 tour is extra special, as we’ll be exploring the Ligurian seaside in addition to the stunning landscapes of Pavia and Oltrepò Pavese. To follow this special edition be sure to follow #il365, the hashtag encompassing the entire trip, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! In the meantime, meet just part of our very special group who will be with us uncovering new territories. Here are your bloggers!


Pascal Boegli 

I’m Pascal – 39 years old – and I live in Nyon (Switzerland), a beautiful small city on the shores of Lake Geneva. In real life, I’m just another IT guy working as a Network engineer but I love to travel as much as possible with my camera around my neck. I’m always interested to discover new places and try new experiences, from citytrip to nature, as well as trekking in the mountains. I share my pictures on my website and Instagram, by far my favorite social network. As a true Italy lover, I’m sure I will enjoy this trip!


Italy Augmented 

My name is Svetlana Trushnikova, I was born in Leningrad and grew up in Saint Petersburg 🙂 Since 2009, I live in Italy and have completely fallen in love with the local lifestyle. I share my stories with the Russian followers on my Facebook page, where I talk all about the “Bel Paese”: the gastronomy, the wine, the best hotels, cultural events, and more.. because Italy is an incredible country!


La Globetrotter

I travel and write for passion! I’m a Globetrotter at heart and for 8 months out of the year I work as a translator and editor, while the other four I’m busy traveling. I hop on a plane in the winter months and start exploring. Stories, cultures, traditions, and adventures of a solo traveler in the world!


Mangia Viaggia Ama

My name is Letizia and I’m a restless traveler that eats too much and is always smiling! I can’t resist a slice of cake or a bit shopping (plane tickets are my weakness), although the rest of my life is fairly normal. My rule to live by? Never return from a trip without having bought a ticket for the next one.