Bloggers and Instagramers in Varese

Bloggers and Instagramers in Varese

21 June 2016

Giuseppe Cantone

My name is Giuseppe, Peppe for my friends… I’m 24 and from a small town in Sicilia called Menfi in the Province of Agrigento. Passionate about photography from a young age, I love everything about nature and actually work on a small family farm, so this trip is a perfect combination for me!

Antonio Boragine

 Tony @homertony, and yes, the nickname is in honor of Homer Simpson… I think I identify with his way of doing things without knowing any better. Eclectic, extroverse, unorganized, nosy, talkative, moody, dreamer, I have a twin brother that I love and a big family… Born 35 years ago in a small town in Caserto, I’ve been living in Milan for 10 years now, and in 2007 I bought my first relex camera – now I can’t leave the house without it! At every turn, there’s always something I want to immortalize in a photo. I don’t search for things to photograph, just whatever catches my attention.

With the arrival of Instagram in 2012 and the beauty of sharing our passions, I’ve found plenty of friends and even love.

Roberta Castrichella

I’m curious and love to cook, take pictures, discover new things, travel, and most of all… to eat! Food… I like to cook it, talk about it, and eat it (especially in good company). I’m always running around, and love to keep moving and finding new adventures, wherever my palate takes me. I’m a 30 year old blogger, from Rome, although I now live in Milan. After years of studying, I got a degree in industrial engineering and have worked for my families company as well as in the renewable energy sector, but I dropped it all to follow my passions and began my blog: I created the blog just three years ago, where I share my recipes, photography, and unique experiences.


My name is Nicoletta, I love to travel and organize trips! I really enjoy reading travel diaries. I am in love with Japan. I study Japanese. I can’t resist shopping. I’d like to sleep more and always be on the move, but we can’t have everything. I’m married to an adorable scoundrel and my sister is my best friend. I love foxes and poppies.

Frida is the protagonist of my journeys, a curious frog that travels the world.

Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd is a Canadian gentleman who left everything behind in 2009 and has been traveling ever since. He’s been to roughly 70 countries and is based from a remote Caribbean island off the coast of Nicaragua. Rob loves adventure, luxury, golf, good food, meeting new people and trying new things.

Erik van Erp

 Around the Globe is the initiative of Erik van Erp,  who started the platform as a personal blog during a trip around the world in 2002. Within several years, it became one of the biggest independent travel community of the Netherlands, attracting thousands of visitors a day. I am looking forward to finally visit Italy again after so many years and great memories. I am sure my trip to Varese and Lago Maggiore will add another great unforgettable Italy experience.

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