Bloggers and Instagramers in Valtellina!

Bloggers and Instagramers in Valtellina!

13 July 2016

We’re coming up on the second tour of Valtellina, a large area to the north that’s full of surprises, and we’re getting ready by meeting the group to explore it all! Follow them over the next few days on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! Without further ado, our #inLombardia365 group in Valtellina….


Giada Pappalardo

26 years old, Sicilian, I live in Catania and am always on the run. My biggest dream is to live everyday traveling and taking pictures, and in the last few years I’ve been getting better at it! Instagram for me is the perfect platform to share my personal discoveries with the world. I’d say I’m a blogger in my free time, but an instagramer every day. I love my homeland and have created Sicily Traveler to be a kind of visual guide to Sicily, to tell the stories that are so close to me. It’s no surprise that I would love to work in digital tourism, and am passionate about social media and connecting with others creatively!



My name is Ivan, I’m 31 years old I live in Morolo, a small town in the Province of Frosinone. I’m passionate about sports (cycling in particular) and I love riding through natural landscapes, which pair well with my interest in photography! My photos are memories and moments that I hope to immortalize from my travels, and I love traveling to discover new places and traditions.

Massimo Greco (2)

Massimo Greco

My name is Massimo Greco, 32 years old, and I was born in Syracuse, a famous city in Sicily. I’m a technology consultant and often work in industrial plants, so in my off time I try to escape the routine and focus on my biggest passion: photography.

I found Instagram to be a great place to express myself and on my profile you can get glimpses into my homeland, travels, and anything that makes my mouth-water. I hope to bring the love I have for my homeland to Lombardia and to create great memories along the way!


Pocket Luggage

She goes by Valery Vich, has Ukranian origins, and speaks three languages (Italian, English, Russian). With a passion for travel and exploring, she was an adventurer from a young age, but it was only in 2012 that she decided to open her own blog dedicated to her peronal travel stories. The blog is Pocket Luggage and it’s here that Valery shows her love for photography – she never goes anywhere without her camera. Helping tell her stories on the blog is her boyfriend, friends, and her much loved dog Dancy, who aspires to become a Travel Dogger.

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My name is Marco Usai, but on the internet, they call me Gusions. I’m a recent graduate in Communication Science at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” and I work in digital communication regarding technology, events, and Made in Italy products. I write about technology, social media, and Instagram in various pubblications, as well as on my blog, Gusions blog 2.0. I can’t wait for this unique experience and am super excited!


Vintage Blackboard

It’s always difficult to talk about myself, but here goes nothing… My name is Valentina, born and raised at the feet of the Dolomites, I love the landscapes of my homeland. With so much to take in around me here, I learned to open my eyes to new perspectives. Curious by nature, I love exploring what’s around me and sharing it with Instagram. I love locations where my thoughts are free to roam, the enchantment of nature, the beautiful glimpses of nature, and the small details that create the best stories. Always on the lookout for what the world hides behind the next corner, so bring it on!

Simone Cioè

Simone Cioè 

I’m 21 years old and having recently finished my studies, I left everything to go backpacking in New Zealand for 9 months in New Zealand. I’m a videomaker and photographer, so during my travels I love to share my experiences and tell my stories through my youtube channel. Finding creativity in all aspects of life keeps me growing and travel is a great way to learn more!