Bloggers and Instagramers in Monza!

Bloggers and Instagramers in Monza!

1 September 2016

Ready for take off! Tomorrow we’re heading for Monza and Brianza to explore the local territory through the gastronomy, great outdoors, and once in a lifetime events! Check out our superstar team that will be sharing it all and don’t forget to follow #inLombardia365 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!



I´m Michael, a mobile photographer from Munich Germany. My instagram name is herr_pola_roid, and since 2011 I have been on instagram and love to take photos everywhere. I’m not committed to particular subjects or editing, for me it´s fun and a passion to photograph. Getting new inspiration from my journeys, meeting other creative people and their point of view on things and moments is what I love. It is so great to continue to evolve yourself. Instagram is so special to me, cause it becomes more than taking, editing and sharing photos, I found new friends, sharing the same love. Can´t wait to meet the other Instagramers and have a good time together.

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Viaggi dei Rospi

I was single and set on traveling the world, until I met my husband and had to make room for a few extra seats! Now we travel in 4, and my two kids are always ready to go! I’m all about traveling, the outdoors, and adventure!



I’m a freelance photographer, explorer, and traveler, with a background in architecture. The camera is the greatest toy ever invented, and I can’t get enough of it! I think I’m really able to express myself through this special medium, and I’m very glad to combine that with new experiences and new people!



Professional travel photographer, I love new experiences, being in contact with nature, discovering new places and, above all, knowing our home, the world in which we live. Through I inspire and motivate people to visit new destinations and live new experiences, both near and far from home. Can´t wait to visit: I am a true lover of Italy, so in this trip I´m sure that I will enjoy all the places, but the most that I want to visit is the Montevecchia and Curone Parks, and do the bike ride along the river. I love nature!


Riccardo Casarico

Describing myself is a bit like waking up on a Monday morning and having to choose one picture out of 1000 to post. My name is Riccardo, 26 years old, and I’m from Monza. With most of my pictures I try to show the city where I’m from as well as my weekend and vacation travels. When I was contacted by inLOMBARDIA for this project in my own city, I was incredibly happy and proud to join in. Although I’m from here, there are many places I have yet to visit!


Melvin Boecher

I’m looking forward to enjoy the landscapes, little villages, tasting really good food, but also diving into the city life of Milano. A highlight will for sure be the F1 race in Monza, hoping that Ferrari and Vettel will win the race. But it will also be my first time paragliding and Lecco/Como should be an ideal place to do so.