The Crowded Planet

The Crowded Planet

They are Margherita and Nick, a writer and photographer from Italy and Australia, long-term travellers and lovers of nature, wildlife and the outdoors.

The Crowded Planet focuses on what they love most; nature and adventure travel, with an eye on sustainability. They see nature and adventure everywhere – on the ski slopes, on a mountain wall or on a hiking path, but also in cities. They write about ‘traditional’ nature and adventure travel, but also about alternative cities,urban nature and local festivals.


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Chiavenna and the Meaning of Merenda

30 March 2016


Chiavenna is also a frontier land. It lies on the foot of Maloja Pass, connecting Italy with Switzerland, Germany and beyond. The valley has changed hands multiple times – throughout its history it has been Byzantine, part of the Duchy of Milan, of Graubunden, and then part of Napoleon’s Cisalpine Republic, and of the Habsburg Empire.

Bitto Cheese & the Disappearing Traditions of Valgerola

6 April 2016


Welcome to the second instalment of our weekend with #InLombardia365! After visiting Chiavenna we headed to Valgerola, home to Bitto cheese. We spent a wonderful evening learning about Bitto and taking a moonlit walk across a frozen, abandoned village. Check the #InLombardia365 hashtag on Instagram if you want to see more awesome pics!

Lombardia Alps: Dog Sledding & Snowshoeing

11 April 2016


This is the third and last part of our adventures in the Lombardy Alps! A day spent dog sledding and snowshoeing in lovely Valdidentro in the Sondrio province of Lombardia, very close to the Swiss border! We drove higher and higher, under a sapphire sky. I spent all my time dozing in and out, in […]