Simon Falvo

Simon Falvo

I’ve been a solo and independent traveler for over 20 years, and I’m still bitten by the travel bug. I love art cities and architecture, and have an incurable passion for mountains, glaciers and deserts.

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Moscato di Scanzo: Wonderful (and precious) Meditation Wine

23 February 2016


“It’s not a dessert wine. More correctly, Moscato di Scanzo is what we call a meditation wine”, the girl explained.

It took me a few seconds to refocus. I admit that I’m not a great wine connoisseur, and in my mind “moscato” was a synonym of sweet wine, mostly served with cakes and deserts, sometimes paired to strong and aged cheese.

Discovering Bergamo, A Medieval Town

21 March 2016


Too many travelers visiting northern Italy, Bergamo is just an airport, a gateway to other Italian cities. There are even tourists flying in and out from several European cities the same day just for shopping. Of all the daily arrivals, only a few people decide to stop and discover Bergamo, some because they heard about this […]


1 April 2016


The idea of a cooking course in itself is exciting, but having it in a medieval castle is just a fabulous and unusual experience. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, and cooking classes in Italy to learn how to prepare local dishes are getting more and more appreciated. Moreover…Who doesn’t […]