Roberta “Robysushi”

Roberta “Robysushi”

I’m curious and love to cook, take pictures, discover new things, travel, and most of all… to eat! Food… I like to cook it, talk about it, and eat it (especially in good company). I’m always running around, and love to keep moving and finding new adventures, wherever my palate takes me. I’m a 30 year old blogger, from Rome, although I now live in Milan. After years of studying, I got a degree in industrial engineering and have worked for my families company as well as in the renewable energy sector, but I dropped it all to follow my passions and began my blog: I created the blog just three years ago, where I share my recipes, photography, and unique experiences.


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Varese e il Lago Maggiore: tre giorni all’insegna dell’avventura

24 August 2016


Ho sempre subìto il fascino del lago, perchè da piccola ho trascorso intere estati a fare il bagno in quello di Vico, per questo quando mi hanno proposto un tour tra Varese e il Lago Maggiore non ho sputo resistere. E, con il senno di poi, posso dire con certezza che mai decisione fu più ‘azzeccata’.