Víctor Gómez

Professional travel photographer, I love new experiences, being in contact with nature, discovering new places and, above all, knowing our home, the world in which we live. Through I inspire and motivate people to visit new destinations and live new experiences, both near and far from home. Can´t wait to visit: I am a true […]


Melvin Boecher

Melvin, the founder of Travel Dudes and COO of iambassador is one of the top travel influencers online. On Twitter there are over 245.000 followers and he gets on over 8.500 Twitter lists recommended. That’s top 3 in travel! The facebook page got as well over 122,000 fans with a huge engagement on their posts. is your Social Travel […]

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Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd is a Canadian gentleman who left everything behind in 2009 and has been traveling ever since. He’s been to roughly 70 countries and is based from a remote Caribbean island off the coast of Nicaragua. Rob loves adventure, luxury, golf, good food, meeting new people and trying new things. STOP HAVING A BORING […]

Simone Cioè – Videonauting

I’m 21 years old and having recently finished my studies, I left everything to go backpacking in New Zealand for 9 months in New Zealand. I’m a videomaker and photographer, so during my travels I love to share my experiences and tell my stories through my youtube channel. Finding creativity in all aspects of life keeps […]

Roberta “Robysushi”

I’m curious and love to cook, take pictures, discover new things, travel, and most of all… to eat! Food… I like to cook it, talk about it, and eat it (especially in good company). I’m always running around, and love to keep moving and finding new adventures, wherever my palate takes me. I’m a 30 […]

Erik van Erp

Around the Globe is the initiative of Erik van Erp,  who started the platform as a personal blog during a trip around the world in 2002. Within several years, it became one of the biggest independent travel community of the Netherlands, attracting thousands of visitors a day. AROUND THE GLOBE | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Julia Davydova

Julia is a Russian blogger over at BigPicture and let’s just say this isn’t her first time to Italy… Her love for the country has brought her back several times to enjoy the sights, cuisine, and culture, which she shares with her audience back in Russia.   BigPicture | Instagram | Twitter

Scott Balaam

I am a freelance writer with experience of working in the travel and sport’s sector and have a passion for visiting new and exciting destinations. When I visit new places I try to remove myself from the standard traveling routes and ‘live like locals’ to get a real feel for a country. Since I started […]

Laurel Robbins

Laurel Robbins is by nature, mountains and the outdoors. She’s an adventure travel blogger at Monkeys and Mountains, a social media contributor to BBC Travel and co-founder of #AdvTravelChat, the largest adventure travel chat on Twitter. Canadian living in Germany.   Monkeys and Mountains | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram      

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Paul Dow

I’m a London based travel blogger focusing on solo adventure travel and I have a passion for using new technology. Before settling in London I spent two years traveling the world which has fed my need to travel even more.   Trav Monkey | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram   

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