Best Experiences from Mantua

Best Experiences from Mantua

19 April 2016

The Mantua tour is over and our team have all been contemplating the weekend over these past few days. We asked them what their favorite moment was during their time in the 2016 Italian Capital of Culture, and this was their response…

Lola Akinmade of Geotaveler’s Niche

I am currently sorting through hundreds of photos but the framing of this particular one is a symbolic metaphor for all the architectural and Renaissance-era beauty I found in Mantua whenever I turned into unexpected corners.


A view of Duomo di Mantova located in Piazza Sordello in the heart of old town Mantua.

Laurène Philippot of Carnet d’Escapade

Mantua is an hidden gem! I was expecting to visit a nice city but didn’t expect Mantua to be so amazing. Atmosphere, cultural treasures, gastronomy… Mantua knows how to seduce its visitors. I really enjoyed it!


Contemplating the view on Mantua from the other side of the lake

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